Professional table management

Trusted by three star Michelin restaurants, big restaurant groups as well as small local restaurants. With flexible pricing Zeaty has gained popularity everywhere.

  • “We were looking for certain funtionality and it was only zeaty that could meet all our expectations.”
    Peder Smith
    Restaurant owner
  • “I love how we can customize all aspects of our booking flow so that we can modify on a daily basis”
    Rob Vasquez
    Restaurant owner
  • “We are only paying for what we need and are not tied up in different parnerships that charge us unneccesary fees.”
    Maguerite Holland
    Restaurant owner
State of the art app

peder Our apps available for both iOS and Android as well as both phone and tablet will give you the perfect experience to manage your reservations.

Online reservations

A beautiful tool  which you can easily embed into your website. It is responsive for a great experience regardless which device you come from.

Optimize your guest flow

Auto placing, widget limitations and booking margin are a few of many features that Zeaty offers to optimise how bookings are spread across your seatings.


There is no such thing as a perfect setup. With Zeaty you can make countless modifications and customizations in all aspects of the site.

Flexible pricing

Zeaty's flexible pricing makes it affordable both for the small diner as well as the large restaurant group. Pay for what you need, but never feel limited.

Unlimited users

Create as many users you wish. You can set individual permissions so that different users only have access to what they need.

Chat with your users

Zeaty offers an option to have two-way communication with guests that have a booking. Makes it easier for guests to update their reservations.

Upgrade for full access

You're looking for the best? Get our extended version with free support, full access to all tools.You name it. We got it. Try us. Contact us for more information.



Our free plan allows you unlimited access to the service and possibility to accept bookings online. 

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The regular license allows you to customize your table plan and place guests on tables.

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Extended plans offer full unlimited customization, free support and access to all tools.

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